JSC Result 2018 in Quickest Way for All Education Board

Get JSC Result 2017 Now QiucklyThe JSC Result 2018 means Junior School Certificate Examination Result for 2018. JSC exam is the final exam for getting promoted from class VIII to Class IX. Without passing the JSC Exam; A student can’t get the permission for admitted to class IX for SSC. The Education Board Result 2018 is the official web-based result publication website for quickest download details JSC result mark-sheet 2018. Recently the Bangladesh Government has been building an online result publication official website based application software for quickly publish public examination results. If you have not introduced to the new website’s interface yet! You should read this mega educative article at this moment. JSC result 2018 will publish on last week of next December. Before releasing; every JSC candidate should know more about how to get the result as soon as possible.

Currently, the date of JSC result 2018 is fixed. It will publish on 30th December 2018 at 12:00 PM. Students need to track updates from the board in order to find out about the exact results. The result would be available online easily. That is why most of the students would not have to worry about accessing the results. Moreover, there can be a slight variation in the date of the JSC results once released. If you’re one of the students eagerly awaiting the JSC result in 2018, it is a better idea to consistently check the Internet for the result from time to time.

JSC Result 2018

Get JSC Results 2018 with Mark-sheet for All Education Board

There is 10 Education Board in Bangladesh. These boards are directorate by the Republic of Bangladesh Government’s Education Ministry. The Education Minister, Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid generally announced the JSC Result publication date and time. But it is sure that the JSC Result 2018 will release on the last of the month of December’17. The JSC exam 2018 has finished successfully. And, now the candidates are waiting for their result.

Normally, almost every time the education minister firstly hand over the result sheet of all education to the prime minister of Bangladesh. And, then the resulting database will upload on the online server of the official result publication website. Students can get or download their result sheet by submitting a form. The form has contained important information about the JSC Examination. Various sensitive data such as student registration number, exam roll number, exam year, board name and other some important elements are needed to download the JSC Exam Result 2018 from the online result software.

Education Boards in Bangladesh

Do you know how much education boards in Bangladesh? There are 10 education boards in Bangladesh now. JSC exam has heled for all education boards. Only Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board is select the exam name as JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) Examination. Another 9 edu board has selected the name of class VIII final exam as JSC Examination. Also, the Technical education board.

Download JSC Exam Result 2017 BD for Any Education Board

After ending date of JSC Exam 2017; The JSC Result will publish within 45 days only. The Education Ministry always take extra care about the result releasing. They distribute the answer papers as soon as possible for evaluating in a quick time. Almost every boards are trying to uncover the result as soon as possible. But in the result publication day, a lot of students and guardians are knocking on online for getting the result. As a result, sometimes web server is going to down. But the new web application software is very hard and comfortable for using 🙂 This new website is very fast to provide JSC Results 2017 within few seconds! We will share the tips and tricks to uncovering your JSC exam result in 2018. Don’t worry; because we will share the genuine tips for all education boards. And, always we update this article every day. So press Crtl+D for bookmark this useful article on your internet browser.

JSC Result 2017 Barisal Education Board for Barisal Division

Moreover, once the dates are published, thereafter only the students can think about their college admissions as well as the future courses which they need to take. One of the main reasons that students are always checking the Internet for the result is because the date is never fixed. It can very easily by a few days. That is why students eagerly check the Internet again and again in order to find out what is the exact date.

Many of the students are not aware of the fact that they can easily access the result through their mobile as well. They have to just type in their seat number and send it to the number which has been announced by the board. In return, they would be able to get their overall score on their smartphone. That is why, even if you’re not having a proper Internet connection or there is some problem with the website of the board, you would be able to easily check the results through any kind of smartphone or any kind of normal phone as well. That is why it has become very easy to access the results these days. You can easily access the result from the smartphone or any other kind of phone. This makes it easier for you to get the result at your fingertips.

JSC result for all the boards in Bangladesh is released around the same date. That is why, whenever you are requesting the result through the SMS or through the text message, you have to make sure that you are including the code of the board as well. Once you are able to include the code would of the board, it becomes easier for you to get your results.

An example of the SMS which you have to type in order to get the result on your smartphone is

<Examination name> <code word of Board> <your roll number>

You have to send this text message to 16222 and you would be able to get the reply almost instantly on your smartphone. This makes it easier for you to access the result whenever it is released.

JSC Result 2017 Barisal Education Board for Barisal Division

The Barishal Education Board is one of the largest education board in Bangladesh. But this division is very river. As a result, sometimes the JSC Exam or other public examinations are stoped for a cyclone or natural disaster. By the way, my topic is JSC Result 2017 Barisal Education Board for the students of Barisal Division districts- Barisal, Patuakhali, Jhalokhati, Borguna, Pirojpur, and Bhola.

JSC Result 2017 now published. So check the JSC exam result 2017 BD from the online. It is uncoverable with the Android smartphone also! Otherwise, you can get the result via SMS also. So don’t miss a single moment. Find out your mark sheet and print out them. Go ahead, enjoy with your parents, family, and friends.

One thing which you have to keep in mind is that the exact mark sheet can be obtained from the school at a later date. On the result day, you would be able to get your score only digitally. That is why you have to contact your schools regarding the exact date of which you would be able to get the mark sheets as well. Only once you are able to get the mark sheets, you would be able to formally submit them to the college in which you want to get the admission. However, for most of the students, it is a great relief to get to know the overall score which they have got in the examination. This, in turn, makes it easier for them to plan their further education and to look at the colleges in which they want to get the admission. Owing to this very reason, gaining the scores digitally is a great deal for most of the students and it can indicate to them, their performance during the examinations.

So, if you are one of the students who is waiting for the JSC result in 2018, it is important to follow some of the above instructions in order to get the result. You have to make sure that you are following the news of the board in order to find out what is the exact date of the result. On the exact date of the result, you can use the method which we discussed above in order to find out your result. You can use any method which is convenient for you in order to know your score.

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    • Result of JSC or Equivalent Examination – 2017
      Search AgainPrint (Current Window)

      Roll No 495375 Registration No [NOT SHOWN]
      Name of Student MD. ASHRAFUL ISLAM NOYON
      Father’s Name MD. ABDUL KAIUM
      Mother’s Name MST. SHANTA AKTER
      Board DHAKA Session 2017
      Group N/A Type REGULAR
      Result GPA=2.50 Date of Birth 03-06-2004
      Name of Institute CHANDI PASA GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL
      Subject-Wise Grade/Marks
      Subject Code Subject Name Grade/Marks
      101 BANGLA C
      107 ENGLISH C
      109 MATHEMATICS A-
      127 SCIENCE C
      Subject-Wise Grade/Marks for Continuous Assessment
      Subject Code Subject Name Grade/Marks
      148 ARTS AND CRAFTS A+


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