How to Check Bangladesh National University Result online and SMS

Bangladesh National University is an organization that offers students learning and research opportunities through their courses and degree programs. This public institution has a substantial capacity to enroll a large number of students. Its social sciences and humanities departments were introduced in 1997 and offer M.Phil. the degree that enables students to proceed and pursue the Ph.D. program. Besides, the university has other affiliate colleges namely, Institute of Business and Management, Institute of Liberations and Bangladesh Studies, Institute Of Life Sciences and Institute Of National Science. The academic unit at Bangladesh National University consists of four academic units namely, Schools of Undergraduate Studies, Center for Postgraduate Training and Research, M.Phil./PhD program unit and Centre for Curriculum and Development and Evaluation.

Check Bangladesh National University Result Online and SMS

Bangladesh National University is the largest learning institution in Bangladesh, with an excellent education system. The university has significantly embraced the use of the latest technology in its operations. The decision has enabled Students at Bangladesh National University to access their examinations results easily through sums or the internet. Through its official website, Bangladesh National University publishes student’s results, and students can look up for the updates online.

The results updates are for the first year honors, second year honors, third year honors and fourth year honors students. Besides, other students partaking courses such as Degree, Masters Preliminary, Masters final year, M.Ed., B.Ed., LLB and those who wants to get their admission test results can also visit the official website for their examinations results. It’s official websites:

Besides the students can access their results through their phones using SMS. The best mobile operator to use is Teletalk, but students can still use other service providers such as Airtel, Grameen phone, Citycell, Robi, and Banglalink. To obtain the results through the SMS, students should use the following the following SMS format :

NU<space>H1<space>Student Registration No. and send to 16222
Example in case you are looking for 1st-year honors result, type
NU H1 123456789 and send to 16222

By introducing the easy access to results through the internet and phone, Bangladesh National University gives its diverse students equal chances to obtain their results, solving the issue of overcrowding at the school as students wait to get their results manually. Apart from the results, Bangladesh University also gives students’ chance to access the mark sheet through the school’s official website. For those students who are confused about their results, Bangladesh University offers the students an opportunity to re-scrutiny their results to eliminate the doubts and confusions. The re-scrutiny process is referred to as, result recheck or Board challenge. Check NU EDU BD Result Here

Bangladesh national university is a public owned organization that offer a wide range of learning opportunities to its large number of diverse students. The institution has embraced the use of modern technology with than aim of making its operations faster and easier. The application of technology has enabled students to access their examination results easily though the university official website and thought their phones by use of SMS. The decision has increased the effectiveness of Bangladesh University and has improved its service delivery to its students and affiliates.

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